British Science Festival

The poster. Well I thought it was pretty good.

The poster. Well I thought it was pretty good.



Last week I was at the British Science festival where I took part in a competition called perspectives. I have largely refrained from talking about this since my return home. I was hoping to be one of the winners with what I felt was a brilliant poster, but, alas, that wasn’t to be. Initially I was pretty disappointed not to have been one of the winners. I couldn’t help thinking that I had just spent a week in – wait for it – Guildford, explaining my research to people who often didn’t give a monkeys, all for nothing.

But actually the festival was supremely worthwhile for anyone with even a passing interest in learning about how our world works (otherwise known as science). I smoozed with journalists, heard a talk from the legendary Bill Bryson and spent the weekend in a shopping centre with my poster talking to middle aged people about their diabetes. My research may one day ‘cure’ them of their condition you see. Grand, huh?

BSF photo


Anyway, one of the upshots of all this (and the main reason for this post) is to publicise my first forray into writing for a slightly more official blog than benchtwentyone. After my experiences in the shopping centre, my fellow science crusader Becky Broadbent and I were guest bloggers on the British Science Association’s official festival blog and wrote about our experiences. Doesn’t that sound nice? Why not check out the article; science at the shops now?

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