‘It’s only a theory’ – science trivia and an amazing beard


During the last month in my new student house I’ve not had a TV. This has been pretty refreshing and,  you know, a break from the continuous stream of media garble and all that. It did mean though, that when my brother asked me if I’d checked out ‘that new science show on BBC 4 yet,’ I had no idea what he meant. He explained that it was a show where scientists presented a new and interesting theory and defended it in front of a live audience. Always keen for a dose of science trivia, and especially enlivened at the prospect of funny men Andy Hamilton and Reginald D Hunter doing the presenting, I decided I had to look this bad boy up.

It’s only a theory had it’s first episode last week and is worth a watch not only for it’s razor wit coupled with fascinating science, but also the – quite literally – jaw dropping beard of the first scientist to present his theory. This hairy specimen believed that since medicine is progressing at such a fast pace, the first human who will live to be 1000 years old has probably already been born. Apart from the fact that this guy used the word ‘probably’ in his hypothesis (well, do you think it or not mate?!) I couldn’t fault him for either entertainment value or scientific robustness. It’s only a theory comes highly recommended.

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