I got married..

Benchtwentyone has been absurdly quiet for the last, oh, I don’t know, 4 months or so. That’s because I’ve had a huge amount on my plate. I got married for one thing; it’s the best thing ever, but does kind of take up quite a bit of time. Secondly, I’ve taken on editorial responsibilities for the science section in Epigram, the University of Bristol’s student paper.

What makes that a little more difficult than one might imagine is that before about 5 weeks ago, there was no science section at all (apart from a poorly managed online version, which I cobbled together every now and again). I’ve basically started it from scratch, and so that’s taken quite a bit of work and people-enthusing!

From now on though, the plan is to get things moving a bit again. In the pipeline I have an interview with Peter Barham who I’ve written about before here. And also a science experiment of my very own, the objective of which is none other than the complete undoing of my wife.

Here’s a wedding photo  to tide you over until then.

The best day of my life (a cliche,  yes, but also the truth)

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