What I’m up to

It’s been mega quiet on the blog for nearly a couple of months so I thought it might be good to post a few updates here.

First, my Paul Fowler and REEF article came out in Projects a short while ago (you need to submit a few details before you can view the E-zine.)

I’ve been busy thinking and writing about the Bloodhound project, which I went to visit on a very cold morning January last week. In a small shed on the Bristol docks a team are building a car which will drive at 1,050 mph.  Watch out for some articles about it soon.

I’m also writing my first proper research paper, (which I’m hoping to submit to Chemical Communications sometime soon). I’ve pretty much finished laboratory work now, so on top of that I am writing my thesis full time.

In between all that, Times Higher Education have kindly agreed to let me come and spend a week’s work experience with them in February. I’ll be writing some more about project studentships and DTCs (but hopefully more lucidly than my previous rant).

The new podcast section on the blog has links to some of the  podcasts I’ve recorded for the RSC recently. I got to go to the BBC and everything! (They had an ENORMOUS cardboard cut-out of Bruce Forsyth in the entrance hall, which was completely terrifying.)

There’s also the small matter of getting a job. My wife keeps helpfully reminding me that after February comes to an end I have no income and may end up being a ‘real writer’: in the sense that I will be utterly impoverished!

To avoid that I am applying for lots of jobs and things. Including the rather exciting and scary Richard Casement internship. Wish me luck.

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