A really, REALLY fast car…

Back in January this year I walked down Park Street in Bristol on a very cold morning to a small, unassuming brick warehouse. Inside, there was a team building a car which they say will be able to drive at 1000 mph.

The car is called Bloodhound, and it has already had loads of press coverage. I was lucky enough to get to write a feature article for Education in Chemistry, about how chemistry has been shaping the design of the car. I had a nice chat with Daniel Jubb, the rocket engineer for the project. He’s also got a great moustache.

It turns out there’s rather a lot of interesting chemistry being studied in relation to Bloodhound, notably the rocket (which, as you can see from the artist’s impression above, is officially cool) which burns concentrated hydrogen peroxide.

Sounds insane? Read more here.

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