Messing around with a Marantz…

For about the last five weeks I’ve been having an awesome time being a student again. But this time around I’ve been learning how to shoot videos, record podcasts and direct TV studios. Why, oh why, didn’t I do an arts degree in the first place, I’ve been asking myself?

One of the things I’ve learnt is that I flippin’ love radio. I love how it forces you to use your imagination. I love the sound of the spoken word, and I love how, unlike film, you can be free to think about the topic, rather than being shown explicitly what someone else understands by it.

Mainly for my own organisation – but also in case anyone fancies having a listen – I’ve put one of the little podcast-lets I made online:

We’re at South Kennsington tube station talking about the ‘internet of things’. (Don’t know what that is? All the more reason to have a listen!) I really liked the background sound effects we worked into it; a great example, I thought, of how radio can instantly transport you to a location with just a few simple noises.

Another thing we did was have a go at working a mocked-up TV studio. My directing was fairly shoddy, but that was nothing compared to my Tony Blair eat-your-heart-out gesticulating hands. I kind of knew I did this, but boy – did I go to town on this particular day. Maybe I was nervous? Anyway, my friend Lucy decided to make this little treasure, just to show how over the top I went…  and embarrass me, of course. Enjoy!

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One Response to Messing around with a Marantz…

  1. ewenyce says:

    Not wanting to embarrass you further, you look great on film Josh.

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