Hello, I’m Josh!

Benchtwentyone is a blog I wrote during my PhD, beginning around 2009 and ending in 2013 when I got a job and so stopped having time for this kind of thing.

I’m leaving this blog up in case it’s of interest to anyone. But if you’re after any kind of up-to-date information you should really head over to my new website. Thanks!


2 Responses to About

  1. Elodie says:

    I’m a friend of your mother-in-law’s on facebook (we have the same name!) and (further weird coincidence) my husband and I are both researchers at the same institution as you. I think your blog is great! Good luck with your thesis!

    • joshuahowgego says:

      Thanks! That’s kind of you. I was intrigued to know where you work etc, but it appears you’re not keen to reveal that on your blog?

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