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Hello! If you’ve arrived here searching for Josh Howgego you’ve come to the right place – sort of. This is a blog I wrote during my PhD and for a short while afterwards. These days if you want up-to-date info. … Continue reading

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What is ‘editorial quality’?

The UK’s National Union of Journalists (NUJ) is worried that there will be a huge loss of so-called ‘editorial quality’ as academic journals move to Open Access publishing models. With publishing now digitised, there seems to be a feeling among … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with ‘wonder’?

Last week there was a very interesting piece in the Guardian about Brian Cox. The author, Eliane Glaser, seemed to be arguing that Brian Cox and his ilk are something like the priests of modern science. The rhetoric of  wonder, according to … Continue reading

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From Devil’s Bargain to Postmodern Uncertainty: How the media ‘packages’ science

I’m learning a lot on my MSc course, but one thing I’m enjoying more than I thought I would is applied semiotics – the study of signs, symbols and meaning(s). I just had an essay back in which I looked … Continue reading

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Messing around with a Marantz…

For about the last five weeks I’ve been having an awesome time being a student again. But this time around I’ve been learning how to shoot videos, record podcasts and direct TV studios. Why, oh why, didn’t I do an … Continue reading

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Why sci-fi references can be unhelpful in science writing

So this week I was typing away on my laptop, writing a story about how chemistry is becoming more automated, and what this might mean for the future. This is something, that as a (kind of fledgling) science writer I … Continue reading

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The ‘cultural imagination’ and counting to base six

So yesterday night, as I was falling asleep, I was reading John Gribbin’s book ‘The Reason Why’ which is all about why humans exist the way we do, on this particular planet we call Earth. One of the interesting questions … Continue reading

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