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Starting well: how to do a good first year in your PhD

When I started my PhD I was passionate about chemistry and I was excited about starting a research project of my own, that I could drive in the direction I wanted to. But I wasn’t exactly sure why I was … Continue reading

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Five tips for thesis writing

OK, I couldn’t resist it. There seem to be lots of these ‘the xx top tips for writing your PhD thesis’ posts around (I noticed this one via Twitter the other day which has some nice general tips). In the end … Continue reading

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In which Bristol Bright Club doesn’t quite know what’s hit it…

Bristol Bright Club were kind enough to invite me along to perform at one of their regular comedy nights recently. I was flippin’ terrified, but I think it ended up going fairly OK – certainly nothing like as bad as … Continue reading

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The moral molecule: Should oxytocin sprays be regulated?

Oxytocin is a string of nine amino acids combined into a peptide. It might look pretty unremarkable as a chemical formula, but if you formulate it into a handy spray, put it in an attractive bottle like this, and label it ‘liquid … Continue reading

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Forget graphene, what you want is SILICENE (well, maybe..)

You’ve heard of graphene? Well,  now its silicon equivalent – silicene – is here to mix up the two-dimensional atomic sheet party. Researchers have been claiming to have made the material for several years, but no one has  provided really … Continue reading

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Are the CIA sending secret messages from my fillings, or is it just a graphene biosensor?

“People who believe that their teeth are transmitting messages – perhaps from the CIA – through secret implants in their fillings can normally be dismissed as unbalanced. But Michael McAlpine of Princeton University, US, whose team is responsible for a … Continue reading

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CLOUD coverage

This is a brief follow-up piece to my Chemistry World article about the CLOUD experiment going on at CERN. One of the interesting things I realised while researching the article is that although we know quite a lot about how human … Continue reading

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