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What’s wrong with ‘wonder’?

Last week there was a very interesting piece in the Guardian about Brian Cox. The author, Eliane Glaser, seemed to be arguing that Brian Cox and his ilk are something like the priests of modern science. The rhetoric of  wonder, according to … Continue reading

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Might a soul be defined by information?

Perhaps because I’m a Christian, the ‘hard problem’ of consciousness (that is, the fact that scientists don’t really know how to define it) seems to blur into the problem of ‘what is a soul’. If we have one at all, that … Continue reading

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The moral molecule: Should oxytocin sprays be regulated?

Oxytocin is a string of nine amino acids combined into a peptide. It might look pretty unremarkable as a chemical formula, but if you formulate it into a handy spray, put it in an attractive bottle like this, and label it ‘liquid … Continue reading

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Time for change

Time is a fascinating concept. Trying to imagine reality without the construct of time is almost impossible; it’s something we’re absolutely prisoner to. And yet we know that time can run at different speeds depending on the position you observe … Continue reading

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