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From Devil’s Bargain to Postmodern Uncertainty: How the media ‘packages’ science

I’m learning a lot on my MSc course, but one thing I’m enjoying more than I thought I would is applied semiotics – the study of signs, symbols and meaning(s). I just had an essay back in which I looked … Continue reading

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Angry scientists

I recently covered the news that a government report has recommended an independent body be set up to ensure that scientific research maintains its’ integrity. But I’ve been surprised at how scientists within the report and in journalists have reacted with consternation at what … Continue reading

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Time for change

Time is a fascinating concept. Trying to imagine reality without the construct of time is almost impossible; it’s something we’re absolutely prisoner to. And yet we know that time can run at different speeds depending on the position you observe … Continue reading

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Science ministers: the players

 We have a general election just around the corner, so I thought it’d be timely to take a look at how the three major parties stack up when it comes to the issue of science. Of course, they may be … Continue reading

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