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From Devil’s Bargain to Postmodern Uncertainty: How the media ‘packages’ science

I’m learning a lot on my MSc course, but one thing I’m enjoying more than I thought I would is applied semiotics – the study of signs, symbols and meaning(s). I just had an essay back in which I looked … Continue reading

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PhD students: Don’t ‘occupy publishing’, just do your bit

Academics are getting more and more unhappy about the state of scientific publishing in the UK in what is becoming known as the ‘academic spring’. Timothy Gowers wrote in the THE recently about why he – like many academics – is … Continue reading

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The Art of Science – a review of the new boardgame and an amusingly budget video taster

Yesterday afternoon I found myself in the foyer of the chemistry department here at in Bristol face to face with two Swedes named Markus and Lovisa. Markus looked intellectual and wore cool glasses. Lovisa was blonde. But apart from that, … Continue reading

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The quantum nose

As senses go, smell is an incredibly interesting one. We really know very little about it. When you smell something tiny, tiny bits of it are floating off of it and wafting into your nose. There, the different molecules of … Continue reading

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No fossil: an interview with Mike Benton

We are blessed with a really good paleontology department at Bristol University and it’s all housed in the really lovely Wills memorial building at the top of park street. I hardly ever have cause to go in there, but today … Continue reading

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The pleasure of finding things out #2

So some months ago now I was strolling through Cabot Circus – a very shiny shopping centre in Bristol – when to my astonishment I was confronted with a wall chock-full of fossils. I was intrigued. As I’ve said before … Continue reading

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