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From Devil’s Bargain to Postmodern Uncertainty: How the media ‘packages’ science

I’m learning a lot on my MSc course, but one thing I’m enjoying more than I thought I would is applied semiotics – the study of signs, symbols and meaning(s). I just had an essay back in which I looked … Continue reading

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PhD students: Don’t ‘occupy publishing’, just do your bit

Academics are getting more and more unhappy about the state of scientific publishing in the UK in what is becoming known as the ‘academic spring’. Timothy Gowers wrote in the THE recently about why he – like many academics – is … Continue reading

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Open notebook science

This article has been reposted; it’s a direct copy from my original written for my blog at The Lay Scientist. I guess people have different opinions about open access journals and things like that. I was at a conference run … Continue reading

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The most famous apple in science

  Most of us have heard the story about Sir Isaac Newton, the legendary discoverer of gravity, who first formulated his laws after being hit on the head by a falling apple, and wondering exactly why it was that objects fall. But I’ve … Continue reading

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