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Starting well: how to do a good first year in your PhD

When I started my PhD I was passionate about chemistry and I was excited about starting a research project of my own, that I could drive in the direction I wanted to. But I wasn’t exactly sure why I was … Continue reading

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Five tips for thesis writing

OK, I couldn’t resist it. There seem to be lots of these ‘the xx top tips for writing your PhD thesis’ posts around (I noticed this one via Twitter the other day which has some nice general tips). In the end … Continue reading

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Might a soul be defined by information?

Perhaps because I’m a Christian, the ‘hard problem’ of consciousness (that is, the fact that scientists don’t really know how to define it) seems to blur into the problem of ‘what is a soul’. If we have one at all, that … Continue reading

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Bioluminescent algae enter our homes

From Cheltenham Science Festival. Rachel Armstrong’s vision is of a futuristic city lit by coloured tubes of light weaving organically through the rooms and spaces. The tubes are twisted into bizarre shapes, which can change colour to reflect moods. And … Continue reading

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Visibly better: More details on the powered-up retinal prosthesis

Here is an excerpt Continue reading

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A really, REALLY fast car…

Back in January this year I walked down Park Street in Bristol on a very cold morning to a small, unassuming brick warehouse. Inside, there was a team building a car which they say will be able to drive at … Continue reading

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PhD students: Don’t ‘occupy publishing’, just do your bit

Academics are getting more and more unhappy about the state of scientific publishing in the UK in what is becoming known as the ‘academic spring’. Timothy Gowers wrote in the THE recently about why he – like many academics – is … Continue reading

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